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SDR Assembly Line (as a Service)

Most SDRs are overwhelmed by all the skills they need to learn. Data Research. Cold Calling. Email Personalization. Data Analysis. Inevitably some people are better at Data Research (and you can do it abroad), while others are experts at Outreach.

Buying 10 licenses of Outreach, 10 of ZoomInfo and having each SDR only spend 2 hours a day per tool made no sense. The Assembly Line was born. Split the team into 5 Researchers and 5 Outbounders. Reduce all tools to 5 licenses. The same 10 headcount produces 33% more meetings, ramps 42% faster, stays in the role for 75% longer and costs 27% less! Now this is all yours! Don't go hire 2 SDRs. Hire us to get a full Assembly Line with all the tools and data ramped in 2 weeks!

Target Accounts
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Research Personas & Contact info
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Create Sequences & Strategy
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Reach out to secure a meeting
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Make sure meeting shows up
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Qualify as a potential buyer
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Start Buyers Journey / Sales Process
Data Researcher
Executive Management
System / SLA

How does this well oiled machine work?

From target accounts to revenue, we're aligned


We work together to define the initial Target Accounts and build an algorithm that scores various aspects of the TMA. The Account Scoring System helps us find your ICP. AltiSales provides the Data Research Rep equipped with best-in-class tools to find the contact information and personalization criteria for each target account.

TAM Graph
Reaching out graph

Reaching Out

You get a dedicated SDR with our best in class training. We build them email templates, call scripts, Linkedin messaging, and orchestrate complex, prospect-centric multi-channel plays. We use to analyze our data and constantly tweak target personas, emails, and phone calls to make them more effective

Scheduling Meetings

We schedule meetings on your calendar, and review the quality with you weekly. We constantly tweak our Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas to find the best niche to target to maximize Revenue.

Scheduling Meetings
Altisales playbook

Bring It Home (Optional)

If you eventually decide you want all the knowledge in-house, simply buy a license to our IP in perpetuity. We’ll transfer our and get you licenses to all the tools you need to ramp an in house team at lightning speed!

“The bottleneck is never AEs,
it’s getting qualified Meetings for Them.”