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Predictable, Scalable and Sustainable Revenue through SDR Excellence

We work together to define your Target Accounts and build an Account Scoring System. Altisales provides you a Data Research Rep equipped with best-in-class tools to finds the contact information and personalization criteria for each target account.

Success Starts with Data

We use our data to help you build or improve your Account Scoring model. This also allows us to map the data points that will be part of every email personalization.

Test Messaging w/ Experienced, Guided SDRs

You get a dedicated SDR with our best in class training. We build them email templates, call scripts, Linkedin messaging, and orchestrate complex, prospect-centric multi-channel plays.We use to listen to the market and constantly tweak target personas, emails, and phone calls to make them more effective

Meeting Feedback

No one wants meetings for the sake of meetings. We build a process to get feedback from AEs about each and every meeting held, control the quality and ensure we’re getting better meetings every month. We analyze the progress and know what's moving to pipeline and what is not.

AE Conversions Reports

We analyze your AE intro calls, score them using proprietary scorecards and correlate them with pipeline movements. This allows us to understand what is working and what isn’t. Build a library of successful call clips, and make revenue more scalable.

Cohort Analysis

Every quarter we look back. How did Q2 compare to Q1. What did we learn. How will we do better in Q3. Did we meet expectations of meetings held, pipeline, POCs, Revenue? The science of Sales tells us the path forward

Sales Development is like a professional sport

An inexperienced tennis player would ask “why is Roger Federer any better than other tennis player?” They all do forehands, backhands, serves. Top Spin. You see… it’s not about doing something ”different” at the core. It’s about doing what everyone else does but executing MUCH better.

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