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From Our SDR Presidents Club…

“The best part about AltiSales is working with such amazing people who are committed to helping our clients succeed. You will learn more about sales here than any where else you'll work. I've been here for less than a year and have already learned more about sales than the previous 5 years in my career. Also, the freedom to work remotely from literally anywhere in the world is such an incredible perk.”

Brendan Dodge

Head of Sales Enablement
Brendan Dodge
Sharon Rogas

“Working at AltiSales has been a life-changing experience. I love my work here, you learn something new every day. I traveled for the 1st time in 17 years and rode a Hot Air Balloon at the last company retreat. Our team has a great culture which makes me want to stay for years to come. These experiences definitely make it the best company I’ve ever worked for! The skills I’ve learned, the growth, and the knowledge mean so much. Working here has definitely changed my and my daughter’s life for the better… Thank you AltiSales!”

Sharon Rojas

Sr. Data Operations Manager

“My favorite activity has been white-water rafting. Working together as a team and then traveling and getting to see the scenery around Costa Rica has been awesome!”

Kristin Haddix

Kristin Haddix

Our Adventures

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

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What We Value


We understand that excellence is contagious and inspire others with our thirst for it. Excellence is about results, not effort. How much, how quickly and how well you do your work matter much more than how many hours you’re in the office.

Company > Team > Individual

We seek what is best for our clients and our company, rather than what’s best for ourselves or our group, even when that means closing the vault. We are ego-less in the search for the best ideas. We help others and share information openly.

Ownership and Accountability

We behave like owners. We never wait to be told what to do, or feel like “it’s not our job” to go above and beyond. We act like leaders, always self-motivating, self-improving and self-disciplined. We make tough decisions without agonizing. We question actions inconsistent with our values.

Common Sense

We believe that excessive rules make our company less agile and adaptable in a constantly changing world, and therefore we prioritize common sense. We use company resources with common sense and adapt to rapidly changing markets.

Team, Not Family

We behave as a professional sports team. We want the best player in every position and try to hire, develop, and cut smartly, to optimize team performance.

Customer Centricity

We strive to make every customer successful, because their success is our success. Empathy is our default. We work hard to augment our clients growth day-in and day-out. We pride ourselves on making a tangible impact on our customers’ lives and businesses.

Our Benefits and Perks

Ability to Work 100% Remote!
SDR Presidents Club
Plane Tickets to Paradise
Professional Development Stipend
Adventure Sports Paid For By Us
Cowork Reimbursement
Health, Dental, Vision and Travel Insurance