11 Best Outsourced SDR Companies & Services for 2024

Gaetano DiNardi
April 8, 2024

Outsourcing SDR services is not just a cost-cutting measure; it’s a strategic decision that can enhance your company’s flexibility, efficiency, and competitiveness. With the potential to access top-tier talent, streamline costs, and rapidly adjust to market demands, the rationale for considering outsourced SDR services is compelling for businesses aiming to optimize their sales processes and drive sustainable growth. 

1. AltiSales — Best Overall Outsourced SDR Services Provider

AltiSales is an outsourced SDR services company that offers a comprehensive suite of services to boost sales and pipeline growth for B2B companies.

Founded & led by Tito Bohrt, (‘The Sales Mad Scientist’), AltiSales has established itself as a go-to-market (GTM) agency focused on generating pipeline and revenue through innovative sales development strategies, consulting, and the deployment of best-in-class sales tools​. 

AltiSales is also considered a category-creator in GTM Playbook development, with over a decade of experience. Most of that time has been dedicated to building and investing in the GTM team of prominent companies like SPRX, Kylie.ai, Relicx, Sonrai Security, Marpipe, Styra, LightningAI, and many others.

The company’s winning streak also extends towards revamping GTM, perfecting message-market fit, building account scoring and using data-driven methods to increase outbound efficiency by over 100% at Bombora, Docebo, LaunchDarkly, Traceable, Intricately, IBM, 8x8, and many others. 

AltiSales is based in San Francisco, California, but it has a global presence in several other locations, including Denver, New York, Miami, Bolivia, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Colombia. Its expertise lies in creating predictable revenue for its clients through various methods, ranging from cold calls and emails to sales process consulting and software solutions. 

🚀 Did you know? Most clients use AltiSales for 5 to 18 months to boost their speed of GTM excellence. 

Why Choose AltiSales for your SDR Outsourcing Needs?

AltiSales has a unique offering that combines sales development outsourcing with strategic consulting and proprietary software tools. Their focus on measurable results, such as increasing meetings per SDR and boosting overall sales efficiency, is backed by a guarantee of efficiency gains or a money-back promise. 

GTM Revamp

The GTM Revamp program by AltiSales is designed to accelerate the progress of SDR teams, delivering three years of development within nine months. Altisales provides a dedicated SDR backed by best-in-class training, capable of generating 8-10 qualified meetings per month. This offers a more rapid understanding of your product compared to building a sales team in-house.

The AltiSales Difference
  • SDR Innovation Lab. AltiSales works with you to define your Target Accounts and build an Account Scoring System. They provide a Data Research Rep with the best tools to find contact information and personalization criteria for each target account.
  • Success with Data. Use data to build or improve your Account Scoring model and map data points for email personalization.
  • Message Testing with Guided SDRs. Access to a dedicated SDR trained with AltiSales’ methodologies, using multi-channel approaches to enhance effectiveness.
  • Meeting Feedback and AE Conversions Reports. Processes to gather feedback from Account Executives (AEs) on each meeting and analyze intro calls to understand what's working and what's not, making revenue more scalable.
  • Cohort Analysis. Quarterly analysis to review performance, learn, and plan for improvement. 
SDR Outsourcing

AltiSales’s SDR Outsourcing service, the ‘SDR Assembly Line,’ is designed to reduce the cost and risk of building a world-class SDR team. This service aims to fill your sales pipeline and skyrocket revenue without the need to invest millions in SDR infrastructure and training.

It does this by splitting the SDR team into researchers and outbound hunters, reducing the number of required tool licenses. This approach helps their clients achieve 33% more meetings, ramp up 42% faster, have 75% longer tenure in roles, and cost 27% less than traditional models. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Collaborative Prospecting. AltiSales works with you to define initial target accounts and build an algorithm for account scoring. This helps pinpoint your ideal customer profile (ICP) with best-in-class tools for data research and personalization.
  • Engagement and Conversion. You get a dedicated SDR trained in AltiSales’ best practices, utilizing email templates, call scripts, LinkedIn messaging, and multi-channel plays for effective outreach.
  • Optional Transition to In-house. AltiSales offers the option to transfer their intellectual property and tool licenses to your team for an in-house ramp-up, ensuring a seamless transition of knowledge and resources. 
Fractional Leadership Services

This service is aimed at those in SDR leadership roles looking for improvements but uncertain of the missing elements. These offerings are designed to alleviate common bottlenecks in the sales process, providing fractional hiring, leadership, and lead generation services. 

Here’s a summary of the services offered:

  • SDR Hiring. Access to a vast talent pool of SDR candidates, with recruitment services offered based on the hiring volume and salary percentage.
  • SDR Comp Plan Redesign. Customization of compensation plans to ensure fairness and competitiveness.
  • Data Research. Provision of high-quality, enriched data for target accounts to save SDRs’ time.
  • Data Operations. An option to ‘rent’ AltiSales’ Data Ops team for enhanced lead enrichment and SDR or AE effectiveness.
  • SDR Account Distribution - ABM. Analysis and optimization of account scoring and distribution among SDRs for maximum efficiency.
  • Data Operations IP. Guidance on building an in-house Assembly Line for Sales Development, including all necessary workflows and tools.
  • Outreach Setup Customization. Custom setup of Outreach instances tailored to specific needs, with fees starting at an unspecified amount.
  • RevOps Strategy. RevOps services certified in Outreach, HubSpot, and Salesforce to optimize SDR workflows and tech setups, starting at $5,000.

These services are part of AltiSales’ broader SDR strategy to improve sales development processes, including their GTM Accelerator program for clients seeking a comprehensive overhaul. 

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2. SalesPipe

SalesPipe specializes in providing outsourced SDRs for B2B companies and growing startups, particularly in the SaaS industry, looking to enhance their sales development by securing more meetings and accelerating their sales funnel. 

SalesPipe distinguishes itself through a carefully crafted three-step process designed to seamlessly integrate its SDRs into client operations, ensuring they become an extension of the client's sales team.

The process includes: 

  • Integration of SDRs into Client Teams. This is facilitated through comprehensive training and regular communication, ensuring SDRs fully understand the client’s products, culture, and business goals.
  • Learning the Client’s ICP. Here, SalesPipe analyzes the client’s market, competitors, and potential customer base. This analysis involves leveraging data analytics and market research tools to identify and prioritize leads that match the client’s ICP, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.
  • Booking More Meetings. SalesPipe’s strategy aims to significantly increase the number of qualified meetings for its clients. By employing advanced outreach techniques, personalized communication, and constant follow-ups, SalesPipe’s SDRs effectively engage prospects, leading to more opportunities for sales conversations and, ultimately, conversions. 

Pricing: SalesPipe doesn't disclose their pricing.

3. EngageTech

EngageTech provides plug-and-play SDR teams capable of quickly delivering a predictable flow of qualified opportunities. This service is geared toward businesses seeking to enhance their sales development efforts without the downtime typically associated with ramping up new teams.

A big part of EngageTech’s offering is a specialized SDR service featuring expert teams trained to identify and qualify leads, facilitating swift market penetration and lead generation. Their services are designed for companies aiming to establish an SDR function in new markets, ensuring a smooth transition without operational delays. This offering further extends to improving existing SDR efforts, providing the necessary flexibility and support to bolster in-house teams. 

The company adopts a tailored approach, training its SDRs in client-specific products and messaging to ensure accurate representation. For example, clients can specify target accounts or opt for open prospecting within their desired markets. 

EngageTech’s powerhouse is their sales intelligence platform which utilizes an extensive B2B database and insights gleaned from over 50,000 weekly calls to identify key buyers, optimizing outreach and engagement strategies.  

Pricing: EngageTech doesn't disclose their pricing.

4. Nerdy Joe

Nerdy Joe is a lead generation agency for B2B companies. It offers productized services to nurture, generate, and retain customers for brands like Vidico, Banzai, and Mero. Their services are designed to fill your calendar with more sales-qualified leads and grow predictably month over month without resorting to spammy tactics.

NerdyJoe offerings extend to appointment setting through personalization to cultivate relationships with potential clients and ensure meetings are set only with genuinely interested parties, thus reducing no-show rates. 

Pricing: They have a number of different pricing tiers.

  • DeLorean Tier. $5,397 every 3 months. Great for startups with only one SDR or BDR. 
  • Batmobile Tier. $6,597 every 3 months. Suitable for growing businesses. 
  • Millenium Falcon Tier. $9,297 every 3 months. Tailored for larger organizations. 

5. Cience

CIENCE offers a performance-based lead generation service that leverages outbound SDR expertise and its advanced platform to effectively enhance sales outreach. Its strategy includes deploying multi-channel campaigns grounded in thorough sales research to boost B2B companies by securing qualified meetings and building strong sales pipelines. 

CIENCE stands out by enabling the execution of targeted campaigns on a large scale, transforming sales development into a precise, outcome-driven practice. They do this by offering extensive training on rapid customer response, demand generation, understanding prospect psychology, account-based strategies, and crafting effective messages. 

They also offer: 

  • Advanced Analytics for Strategic Decisions. With this, you can leverage cutting-edge analytics and insights through the CIENCE platform and database. This enables you to validate your ICP, assess decision-maker reactions, refine SDR tasks, and monitor early-stage sales achievements in real time.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Channel Sales Tools. CIENCE offers sales support through various tools, including chatbots, marketing platforms, ad tech, scoring systems, research, dialing, live chat, appointment scheduling, project management, and CRM integration, which enhance outbound sales effectiveness.
  • Guaranteed Accountability. CIENCE’s dedicated SDR Teams are thoroughly supervised to ensure excellence in all undertaken tasks. They provide oversight at both departmental and customer success levels, ensuring the highest quality in our work on your behalf.
  • Seamless Transition to In-House Operations. You can take full control of your campaigns, processes, and strategies anytime. Your subscription includes easy-to-adopt playbooks, allowing your team to seamlessly continue operations and maintain momentum for sustained success. 

Pricing: No fixed pricing on the CIENCE website. 

6. EBQ

EBQ’s outsourced SDR service is aimed at improving lead generation through professional outbound calling. Their SDRs specialize in cold calling, qualifying leads, and setting meetings, ensuring that high-quality leads are engaged and moved further down the sales funnel.

Here’s what makes EBQ’s services stand out:

  • Dedicated Team for Success. Clients work with a full lead generation team committed to their project’s success, including a business consultant, project manager, and dedicated specialist.
  • Brand Representation. EBQ works directly out of your tools and invests time in understanding what makes your brand unique in the industry, ensuring accurate representation while pursuing SQLs.
  • Appointment Generation Focus. EBQ's SDRs recognize the importance of warming up cold leads, so they engage prospects through multiple channels and effectively prepare them for a sales call. 
  • Transparency and Productivity. EBQ provides real-time updates and regular check-ins, offering full visibility into the sales development process. Their onboarding and training processes enable a rapid start, often within five days from the kickoff call.
  • Flexible and Cost-Efficient Contracts. With month-to-month contracts, EBQ allows scalability and flexibility without setup or cancellation fees, providing a tailored approach to each project.
  • US-Based Team. Being Texas-based and US-based ensures seamless communication and a deep understanding of local market dynamics, enhancing outreach strategies.

EBQ’s approach is based on establishing relationships with leads, pushing them further down the sales funnel, and getting them excited for your sales call.  

Pricing: There’s no pricing information disclosed on EBQ’s website. 

7. Operatix

Operatix (by MemoryBlue) is an outsourced SDR agency that specializes in accelerating growth for B2B software vendors by generating pipeline and revenue worldwide. Its services are designed to engage and convert key target accounts, maximize conversion from MQL to SQL, and increase revenue and ROI on marketing activities. 

Its high-performing sales development teams specialize in helping B2B software vendors generate pipeline and revenue worldwide. This includes engaging in proactive outbound strategies to connect with key target accounts across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. 

Here’s an overview of Operatix’s offerings: 

  • Inbound Lead Qualification. Operatix helps maximize conversion from MQL to SQL, leveraging every lead in the competitive B2B tech industry.
  • Marketing Acceleration Services. They offer full-service marketing acceleration focused on generating marketing-sourced revenue for their customers.
  • Global Coverage. With expertise in selling in 22 different languages and a deep understanding of international markets, Operatix offers global coverage to its clients.
  • Deep Knowledge of the B2B Tech Market. Operatix’s operation is segmented by business pods that cover specific technology verticals within the B2B tech market, including cybersecurity, big data & analytics, cloud, fintech, and more.

Operatix also has a podcast called ‘B2B Revenue Acceleration’ dedicated to GTM leaders. So far, it has aired 150 episodes featuring guests such as Matt Dixon, Sam Jacobs, Kyle Coleman, Latane Conant and Jason Bay. 

Pricing: There’s no pricing information disclosed on Operatix’s website.

8. Martal Group

Martal Group is a B2B lead generation and sales agency focused on scaling tech companies via outsourced SDR services. The company distinguishes itself by using human intelligence and robust business data from a vast resource of over 100 million contacts across four databases, enhancing its lead generation and sales processes. 

They offer comprehensive outsourced sales services, including a proficient team of SDRs and Sales Executives who employ outbound and inbound strategies to source qualified leads. This team is instrumental in driving new client acquisitions, scheduling appointments, and acquiring new business identities. 

In addition, Martal Group boasts a global team of over 200 top-rated sales representatives strategically located across the US, Canada, the EU, and LATAM. This offers the advantage of multilingual sales capabilities and a deep understanding of diverse industries.

Some of their other offerings include

  • Real-Time Intent Data. When sourcing leads, Martal leverages real-time intent data to detect keyword surges related to your unique offering, enabling them to engage decision-makers with personalized outreach during their vendor assessment process.
  • Fractional Sales Team Profile. Clients can build a team of top performers without the stress of hiring, training, and retaining additional full-time staff. This includes sales operations managers, fractional VPs of sales, fractional marketing managers, and optional dedicated SDRs. 
  • Refined Engagement Model. Martal’s sales team invests up to 20 hours in learning, strategizing, and finalizing marketing collateral to facilitate direct sales, channel partnerships, develop pre-qualified leads lists, and more, aiming for a significant increase in monthly leads funnel. 

Martal Group’s process is designed to quickly adapt to your company’s needs, offering a variety of service tiers to match different stages of lead generation, customer onboarding, and account management. 

9. The Sales Factory

The Sales Factory accelerates B2B business growth through data-led sales and quality lead generation. They offer a technology-enabled team and a proven system to accelerate your growth by generating hyper-qualified B2B warm leads. 

Here’s how the sales factory works:

  • Comprehensive Sales Playbook Development. TSF utilizes extensive experience, industry best practices, and your insights to build a sales strategy from the ground up. This includes everything from identifying the ICP and creating strategic messaging to preparing email sequences, cold call scripts, and rebuttals.
  • Dedicated Nearshore Talent. TSF employs driven, university-educated, nearshore talent dedicated to working for the success of your program. This team is trained using tested sales playbooks and technologies to deliver results.
  • Committed Account Management. Each client is assigned a knowledgeable Account Manager who regularly reports on results, gathers insights, and recommends ongoing improvements for the highest level of success. 
  • Experienced Sales Enablement. TSF services include ongoing list development utilizing global databases with over 150 million contact data points, campaign strategy design, and strategic recommendations to enhance sales efforts.
  • CRM & Data Operations. TSF leverages top CRM and Sales Automation technologies (like Hubspot Sales Pro, Outreach, and SalesLoft) to manage workflows effectively. It can operate within or alongside your current processes. 

Pricing: There’s no pricing information disclosed on The Sales Factory’s website. 

10. Lunas Consulting

Lunas Consulting is a firm that specializes in B2B outbound lead generation for SMBs without the complexities of recruitment and management. Their model is based on the idea that startups and SMBs shouldn’t have to be sales experts to succeed. As such, they provide a fully dedicated team of sales experts to uncover new opportunities daily without the need for direct management or training on your part. 

Key to Lunas Consulting’s approach is its full-funnel strategy, which integrates sales and marketing across various channels for long-term growth. They offer customized service with favorable account-to-SDR ratios (ranging from 1:1 to 2:1), which ensures more focused effort on each account. 

Their inclusive package comprises consulting, access to top-tier lead generation tools, a personalized sales playbook, a dedicated data analysis team, an expert sales copywriter, and a custom analytics dashboard. 

Some of Lunas Consulting’s offerings include 

  • Lead Curation. Utilizing advanced databases and AI algorithms, Lunas identifies and curates leads based on keywords and detected buying behaviors, ensuring highly relevant lead lists for you.
  • Appointment Setting. The service prioritizes the client’s time by setting appointments only with vetted prospects demonstrating interest in the client’s solutions, streamlining the sales process.
  • Sales Team Composition. To support and drive sales initiatives, clients are provided with a full sales team, including an SDR, copywriter, deliverability specialist, and sales manager. 
  • Analytics and Insights. Custom analytics dashboards offer clients insights into their ideal customer’s buying behaviors, aiding in refining sales strategies and improving conversion rates through data-driven decisions. 
  • ABM Campaigns. The service designs and implements Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, targeting specific B2B prospects through a personalized, multi-channel approach to increase lead generation.
  • Customizable Solutions. Lunas Consulting develops flexible, personalized B2B outbound sales campaigns to generate leads, scalable across multiple channels to meet businesses' diverse needs. 

Pricing: There’s no pricing information disclosed on Lunas Consulting website. 

11. UpRoar Partners

UpRoar Partners specializes in B2B sales outsourcing and sales recruiting for technology firms aimed at enhancing lead generation, increasing demo bookings, and boosting revenue growth. 

They collaborate closely with B2B tech companies throughout the United States, overseeing the entire sales process from strategy and research to implementation and execution. This comprehensive approach ensures the delivery of qualified opportunities to their clients.

A distinctive feature of UpRoar Partners is their in-house recruiting team, developed in response to the challenges associated with assembling a high-performing sales team. This team is dedicated to sourcing and vetting top sales talent, ensuring clients gain access to proficient sales professionals. 

Their core services include:

  • Prospecting and Outreach. They focus on researching the market and ICP to craft the right messaging and modern outreach strategies.
  • SDR Services. Tailored outbound frameworks aim to increase bandwidth and support for sales teams to close more deals.
  • Customer Success. Aiming to drive profitability and customer lifetime value by reducing churn rates and enhancing customer experience.
  • Lead Sourcing / Data Enrichment. Defining target profiles and enriching contact details for CRM and outreach strategies.

Pricing: There’s no pricing information disclosed on the Uproar Partners website. 

Criteria for Choosing an Outsourced SDR Company

When selecting an outsourced SDR company, you must consider several critical factors to ensure you partner with a service that aligns with your strategic objectives and operational needs. 

This decision should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the provider’s experience, technological capabilities, training programs, pricing structure, and ability to offer customized solutions. 

Experience and Track Record

When considering outsourcing your sales development tasks, selecting a company with robust experience and a solid track record becomes critical. This criterion ensures the chosen provider knows how to perform their basic functions and, in the process, secures a partner who can seamlessly navigate the intricacies of your specific market segment. 

An experienced SDR service provider will deeply understand your sector’s market dynamics, customer behavior, and competitive landscape. This knowledge enables them to craft tailored outreach strategies that resonate with your target audience, thereby increasing the chances of generating high-quality leads.

To adequately assess a potential SDR company’s experience and track record, look into a few key areas:

  • Case Studies and Testimonials. Look for detailed case studies that outline the provider’s approach and outcomes in situations similar to yours. Testimonials and reviews from past clients can also offer insights into the company's effectiveness and reliability.
  • Quantifiable Outcomes. Request specific metrics or results achieved in previous campaigns. This could include conversion rates, the number of qualified leads generated, or any other relevant performance indicators.
  • Longevity and Consistency. Companies that have been in the business for longer and have a consistent track record of success are usually more reliable. This consistency indicates a stable and effective approach to sales development.

💡Tito’s Tips → An experienced provider should have a strong past performance and also demonstrate adaptability to changing market conditions and technologies. This is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of your sales development efforts over time. 

Tech Stack

It’s imperative your preferred SDR company utilize the latest in CRM software, lead generation tools, and communication platforms to streamline operations and enhance productivity. 

With technologies like this, you can better manage and track leads and also have accurate, real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. Such insights are invaluable for refining strategies and optimizing performance over time. 

When evaluating a potential SDR company's technology and tools, consider the following aspects:

  • Comprehensiveness of the Tech Stack. A robust tech stack should cover all bases, from lead generation and management to communication and analytics. Inquire about the company's specific tools and platforms and how they integrate with each other to provide a cohesive SDR process.
  • Customization and Scalability. The technology employed should serve current needs and be adaptable to future requirements. To accommodate business growth and evolving sales strategies, check how customizable and scalable the solutions are.
  • User Experience. The tools should offer a user-friendly interface for the SDR team and the end-users (potential leads). A streamlined user experience can significantly enhance productivity and engagement rates. 

💡Tito’s Tips → This is often overlooked, but ensure that the technology complies with relevant data protection and privacy regulations. This is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining trust with your prospects. 

Pricing Structure

Generally, pricing models fall into one of two categories: fixed fees and performance-based fees. Each model comes with its set of implications for your business:

  • Fixed Fee Model. This model is straightforward, involving a pre-determined monthly or annual fee for SDR services. Its primary advantage lies in its predictability, making budget planning simpler and more reliable. However, the main drawback is the potential disconnect between cost and outcomes. Since the fee is consistent regardless of performance, there’s a risk of paying the same amount during both high and low-productivity periods.
  • Performance-Based Model. Alternatively, a performance-based pricing model aligns the outsourced SDR company’s financial incentives with your business’s success. Payments are typically tied to specific milestones or results, such as the number of qualified leads generated or deals closed. This model can motivate the SDR company to perform at their peak but might result in variable costs that can exceed initial expectations if targets are substantially surpassed.
  • Comprehensiveness of the Pricing Model. Ensure the pricing model is all-encompassing, with no hidden fees or unclear conditions. Ask for a detailed breakdown of what is included in the price and what might incur additional charges.
  • Alignment with Business Objectives. The chosen pricing model should suit your business goals and financial strategy. For example, a startup focusing on aggressive growth might prefer a performance-based model to ensure costs are directly tied to results; whereas an established business with a fixed budget might opt for a fixed fee model for better financial predictability. 
  • Flexibility and Scalability. Consider whether the pricing model can adapt to your changing needs. Some companies offer hybrid models or allow clients to switch between models based on evolving business dynamics.
  • Clarity on Performance Metrics. Clarity on what constitutes a “qualified lead” or a “successful sale” is crucial, particularly in performance-based models. Establish clear definitions and benchmarks to ensure alignment and avoid disputes.

💡Tito’s Tips → Assess the long-term financial implications of the pricing model. A performance-based model might seem attractive initially, but consider whether the costs will remain manageable as your business scales. 

Flexibility and Customization

Every business has unique needs and challenges, so it's essential to choose an SDR service that offers customizable solutions. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely yields optimal results. 

The foundation of any customized SDR service is a deep understanding of your business. This includes grasping your value proposition, recognizing the nuances of your target market, and aligning with your sales cycle and processes. A potential SDR partner should demonstrate a keen interest in learning about your business model, products or services, and the challenges you face in reaching your sales goals.

Furthermore, this customization involves adjusting various aspects of the SDR service to perfectly fit your requirements. This could mean developing targeted outreach campaigns, creating personalized communication templates, or employing specific lead qualification criteria. The goal is to ensure that every action the SDR team takes is in perfect harmony with your sales objectives and market positioning. 

When assessing a potential SDR partner's ability to offer customized and flexible services, consider the following: 

  • Case Studies and Client Testimonials. Look for examples of how the company has tailored its services for other clients, particularly those in similar industries or with comparable challenges. 
  • Consultative Approach. The provider should be willing to engage in detailed discussions about your business and show genuine interest in understanding and meeting your specific needs. 
  • Evidence of Scalability. Ask for examples or references that illustrate the company's ability to scale operations up or down to meet client needs.

💡Tito’s Tips → Effective customization relies on ongoing feedback. Ensure there are structured processes for regular communication, review, and adjustment of strategies based on performance data and feedback. 

Lower your cost and risk to build a world-class SDR team. Fill up the pipeline and skyrocket revenue without investing millions. 

How to Get Started with an Outsourced SDR Company

Engaging an outsourced SDR company is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business’s growth trajectory. 

To ensure a smooth transition and alignment with your business goals, you must approach this process carefully, starting with an initial assessment and moving through objective setting, partner selection, and the onboarding process.  

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Before reaching out to potential SDR service providers, conducting an in-depth assessment of your current sales processes and goals is crucial. This evaluation should identify strengths, pinpoint inefficiencies, and highlight areas where an outsourced SDR can add the most value. 

  • Evaluate Current Sales Processes. Begin by mapping out your existing sales funnel from lead generation to closing. Identify the tools and strategies you currently employ and evaluate their effectiveness. Understanding your workflow in detail will highlight areas that require improvement or reinforcement.
  • Define Strengths and Weaknesses. Objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales setup. Strengths are areas to maintain or enhance, while weaknesses represent opportunities for an outsourced SDR to bring significant value. This might include aspects like lead qualification, initial outreach, or follow-up processes.
  • Analyze Lead Generation and Conversion Rates. Examine your metrics to evaluate your lead generation volume, lead quality, and conversion rates. These figures will help you set clear benchmarks for success post-outsourcing.
  • Assess Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Calculate your current Customer Acquisition Cost. This metric will be crucial for understanding the financial impact of outsourcing your SDR functions and setting targets for improvement.
  • Identify Specific Needs and Goals. Based on your assessment, pinpoint the areas where an outsourced SDR can add value. Do you need more qualified leads, better lead engagement, or support for entering new markets? Setting clear objectives will guide your search for the right SDR partner.
  • Prepare for Integration. Consider how an outsourced SDR will integrate with your existing team and processes. Think about the tools, access, and information they will need to become an extension of your sales efforts seamlessly.
  • Create a Wishlist for Your Ideal SDR Company. With the insights from your assessment, outline the qualities, capabilities, and attributes you’re looking for in an SDR company. This might include industry experience, technological proficiency, flexibility, and alignment with your company’s values and culture.
  • Document Your Findings and Goals. Finally, compile your assessment findings, objectives, and SDR partner criteria. This will serve as a valuable reference throughout the selection process and ensure that you remain focused on your strategic needs and goals. 

Step 2: Setting Objectives

With a clear understanding of your current sales landscape, the next step is to define what you aim to achieve through outsourcing SDR services. 

Here’s a rundown of some possible goals you aim to achieve: 

  • Increase Lead Generation. If your assessment reveals that your business needs a higher volume of leads to sustain growth, set a quantifiable goal for the increase in lead generation you aim to achieve through outsourcing. For example, “Increase monthly lead generation by 30% within six months.”
  • Improve Lead Quality. Perhaps the challenge isn’t the quantity of leads but their quality. In this case, your objective could focus on improving the qualification criteria or the percentage of leads that convert into sales. A specific goal could be, “Double the number of sales-qualified leads within the first quarter.”
  • Expand Market Reach. If entering new markets or targeting new customer segments is a priority, set objectives around these expansion efforts. This might include goals like, “Establish a presence in two new industry verticals by the end of the year.”
  • Enhance Sales Efficiency. You may identify inefficiencies in your current sales process that an outsourced SDR could address. Objectives here could revolve around reducing the sales cycle length or increasing the conversion rate at various stages of the funnel.
  • Leverage SMART Goals. Ensure that each objective you set is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This framework makes your goals clearer and more actionable while also simplifying the process of communicating these objectives to potential SDR providers and measuring success. 
  • Consider Long-Term and Short-Term Goals. While some objectives might be achievable in the short term, such as increasing lead generation in the next quarter, others, like market expansion, may have a longer timeline. Balancing these goal types ensures a steady trajectory of growth and improvement. 
  • Set Benchmarks for Evaluation. Alongside each objective, establish benchmarks or KPIs to measure success. These could include metrics such as conversion rates, the number of new customers acquired, or the return on investment (ROI) from SDR activities. 

Step 3: Select the Right Partner

Refer to the earlier criteria—experience and track record, tech stack, pricing structure, flexibility and customization. Assess potential partners based on these dimensions, seeking evidence of their ability to meet your needs. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for client references, request demos of their technology platforms, and inquire about their experience with companies of your size and within your industry. This due diligence will ensure that you partner with a company capable of achieving your objectives.

Step 4: Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is your opportunity to integrate the outsourced SDR team into your organization’s ecosystem and educate them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. 

Here’s how to ensure an effective onboarding process:

  • System and Technology Integration. Begin by integrating any necessary systems and technologies. This includes granting access to your CRM, communication platforms, and any other tools the SDR team will need. Ensure that the SDR team is trained to use these systems effectively, emphasizing any processes or protocols specific to your organization. 
  • Product and Service Training. Comprehensive training on your products or services is essential. This should cover not only the features and benefits but also the unique value proposition and the problems they solve for your customers. Equip the SDR team with in-depth knowledge to confidently handle prospects' questions and objections.
  • Alignment on Sales Strategy. Share your sales strategy, including target markets, key messaging, qualification criteria, and overall sales goals. This alignment ensures that the SDR team’s efforts are strategically focused and contribute to your broader sales objectives.
  • Establish clear communication protocols. This includes defining the primary communication channels, setting expectations for response times, and scheduling regular check-ins. Open and transparent communication is key to resolving any issues quickly and keeping the partnership on track. Schedule regular meetings throughout the onboarding process and beyond. 
  • Feedback Loop. Encourage the SDR team to share their insights and suggestions based on their prospect interactions. This feedback can be invaluable for refining your sales approach and strategies.
  • Set Short-Term Goals. To gauge the effectiveness of the onboarding process, set short-term goals or milestones for the initial weeks or months. This will help measure the SDR team’s integration and performance and provide opportunities for early adjustments if necessary.

SDR Outsourcing Done Better — With AltiSales

64+ Teams. 150+ SDRs. 11+ Years. 100% Guarantee — that’s what you get when you work with AltiSales. 

Here’s how we make it work for you:

  • Prospecting. We work together to define the initial Target Accounts and build an algorithm that scores various aspects of the TMA. The Account Scoring System helps us find your ICP. AltiSales provides the Data Research Rep with best-in-class tools to find each target account's contact information and personalization criteria.
  • Reaching Out. You get a dedicated SDR with our best-in-class training. We build them email templates, call scripts, LinkedIn messaging, and orchestrate complex, prospect-centric multi-channel plays. We use AltiSales.io to analyze our data and constantly tweak target personas, emails, and phone calls to make them more effective.
  • Scheduling Meetings. We schedule meetings on your calendar and review the quality with you weekly. We constantly tweak our Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas to find the best niche to target to maximize Revenue.
  • Bring It Home (Optional). If you eventually decide you want all the knowledge in-house, simply buy a license to our IP in perpetuity. We’ll transfer our Outreach.io and get you licenses to all the tools you need to ramp an in-house team at lightning speed!

We’ve done it for Intricately — and we sure can do it for you. 

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Lower your cost and risk to build a world-class SDR team. Fill up the pipeline and skyrocket revenue without investing millions. 

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